Do you build in other styles beside arts and crafts?
Yes we do. We will design and build to the wishes of the customer.

What types of wood will you build furniture with?
We build furniture with all types of wood: walnut, oak, cherry, mahogany and others. We cut down, mill and dry our own wood. Customers can also provide their own wood to use in a project.

Do you have pieces of furniture alrady completed and available for purchase?
We do have some completed pieces available for purchase. To find out what we have, call our office 620-342-2842.

How long does it take to receive furniture?
The work is completed on a first come basis. Since each piece is custom made completion time will vary.

Is there a warrenty with the furniture?
We stand behind our craftsmanship and will repair damage that occurs as a result of original construction techniques to new condition.

615 Graham St Emporia, Kansas 66801